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UV Guard Textured Caulk

Technical Data &

UV Guard Textured Caulk is a highly elastic, textured caulk formulated from 100 percent pure acrylic resins. It was specifically developed for use on log homes and many other construction related areas where maximum elasticity is required and where a textured appearance is desired.

-New Construction
UV Guard Textured Caulk
may be used where a narrower bead with blended natural appearance is preferred, for instance, on Full Scribe, Tongue & Groove and D-Log Homes. It is also recommended for use on corners and other dynamically moving joints such as green log construction, where shrinkage may be substantial and backer rod may not be used. Other uses include: Siding (log or sawn slab), corners and checks in logs.
UV GUARD Textured Caulk is an excellent restoration/repair product for previously applied mortar chiniking, mastics and glossy caulks.

-Unsurpassed Elasticity
-Stays Flexible Withstands repeated expandion and contraction caused by severe temperature extremes and moisture.
-Impenetrable Seal Adheres permanently to surfaces to form an airtight seal that prevents air and water infiltration.
-Durable Forms a tough protective, damage-resistant surface that will remain in place for many years. Will not tear or pull away.
-UV Resistant Resists ultraviolet degradation and has superior color retention.
-Non-Toxic May be used safely on the interior as well as the exterior. No odor when dry.
-Warranty Carries a limited lifetime warranty.

UV Guard Textured Caulk is available in Yellowstone, Dark Brown, Standard Tan, Southern Gray, Golden Honey, Western Tan, Tahoe Gold, and Adobe. Custom colors are also available.