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Rollie Williams Aerosol Paints

Aerosol Paint

Rollie Williams six and twelve ounce aerosol cans are custom filled with the highest quality acrylic top-coats and the finest propellants. Patented adjustable fan-spray nozzle provides consistent spray-gun results.

Private Label

Our small package touch-up program sets you apart from your competition with private labeling and faster assembly-line quality control.

  • Ship along with your finished product to maximize customer satisfaction.
  • We maintain formula and spray-out files for your re-order convenience.
  • Any paint you order in small packages may also be obtained in quarts, singles, fives and 55 gallon drums.
  • Private labeling to your specifications.
  • Precise color match.
    Enhances your company’s image.
  • Helps eliminate returns.
  • After-sale profit potential.

Easy Dauber Applicators

Our handy flow-through stain applicator provides convenient touch-up capability. Use on your production line for QC, to add extra value to your product or for after-sale profit.

  • Uniform stain application.
  • Clear bottle allows instant color identification on the shelf.
  • Shatter-proof 2 oz. bottle.
  • Minimum order only 64 bottles.
  • Easy to use

Cap Brush Touch-Up Bottles

  • Easy to use.
  • Provides precision spot touch-up capability.
  • Clear, shatter-proof bottle for instant color identification.
  • Convenient storage in 1 oz. bottle.
  • High quality bristle brush allows smooth application for a fine finish.
  • Minimum order quantity 64 bottles.

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